Saturday, July 28, 2007

Saturday at the Lake

What a delightful morning. Jet and I went for coffee in Uptown with Babs and AJ. It was such a great sunny morning and I just adore Uptown! I seem to get so much attention just walking around. Jet and I literally stop traffic with our good looks and refined prance. Everyone wants to pet us and ask if we are full grown. I don't see the big deal about our size. Jet barks loud enough to show everyone just how big we can be.

Just to recap, we met a Dachshund named Toby that was simply charming. We watched the ducks swimming in the lake, chased birds, and sniffed every post. We met an eleven year old girl named Claire who told us that her friend once called a Chihuahua a "Chalupa". Was that ever funny! A small toddler in a stroller pointed at Jet and exclaimed, "Look MOM, a LEGO!" Aren't little kids just the cutest? The only inappropriate remark came from a nice enough lady at the coffee shop. After she pointed out how small we were, she shouted, "look at the size of his little wee-wee". I am just going to chalk it up to bad manners.

We walked out little paws off and then took the giant stairs to our car. Jet is such a little smarty. He found a way to get up all of those stairs...take the ramp! So fun.

OK, off for our nappies. We are exhausted!

ChaChi LU

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