Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet my brother, Nacho!

Hi puppies! Meet my brother Nacho. Well, he is my half brother but we have the same Momma. Isn't it remarkable how much our faces look alike? Our markings are the same except I have LONG HAIR and he is a SHORT HAIR. We had our sweaters on because it has been as low as 30 below windchill around here. We have to find an indoor doggie park for fun. Otherwise, I can always play with ChaChi everyday at home.
Here I am "socializing" and the Tiny Tails meet up. I guess I need to learn some manners because Babs was a little upset that I used my outside voice. I get so excited I just want to bark.

Here is brave and well behaved Nacho. He comes here often and he loves to join the pack and play fetch. ChaChi and I mostly stood by Babs. It was our first time there and we had no idea what was going on! Babs thinks she needs to take us out more in the winter because we were being big babies and didn't want to join in the fun. ChaChi kept trying to jump up on Babs so that she would get carried. Spoiled. That is what Babs called us.

Today it was almost 40 degrees above zero. It was a heat wave. Jett and I went to the beauty pawlor and got our nails clipped. We each got a flossie to chew on. Of course, ChaChi keeps trying to steal mine. Humpf.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have a fun day planned...

Good Morning puppies! Jett and I have a fun day planned. We are going on a play date. See, it is super super cold here in Minnesota so we have to plan indoor playtime. We are going to meet our friends at a local indoor doggie park. I will have Babs take pictures and I know you are all excited to see Jett's brother Nacho. He is going too.

I am going to nap until it is time to go. Toodles.

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi From ChaChi and Jet!!

Hi Doggy Bloggy Friends! It has again been a while. Babs is a slacker. Just want you to know that it is all her fault that you have not been updated on our latest and greatest adventures. She has now been warned by Jett and I that if she doesn't get her act together we will have to hire a new publicity manager. I, ChaChi Lu, have not seen my face on the cover of Dog Fancy...and I might add that I have the looks to sell magazines. If only Babs kept up with my blog, I might be a famous superdog model by now.

Today is a very special day as Graham gets confirmed. I think there might be cake in my near future. I will let you know. But I probably won't share it with Jett because Auntie Karie called him "fat" the other day and I think he is trying to cut down on the people food.

Hope all is well. Kisses to my dear sweet puppy and kitty friends!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne