Monday, March 31, 2008

My blogging assistant went on Spring Break!

Hi! This is ChaChi Lu and I am not very happy right now. Seems as if Babs snuck off to AZ without me. She and her sister are having a blast and have left Jet and I at home. Well, at least she left AJ and the kids with us or this would just be horrible. And to top it off, they are laying by the pool and it is snowing in MN!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

44* and Sunny!

First Day of Spring Break!

Finally! It was a lovely sunny day and Jet and I were able to go for a coffee run with the Babs and the kiddos. I, of course, chose to wear my pink cherry warm up and Jet wore his Sturgis T-shirt (he is such the man these days). See all that snow behind us? We are hoping that is melts away fast. Much like groundhog day, Jet and I saw our shadows today so we forecast a speedy Spring.

Anna was remarking that our local Coffee shop should offer Fillet Mignon Lattes so that Jet and I could enjoy coffee time too.

Toodles Poodles,
ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Does she ever stop cleaning?

All I want is some beauty rest and Babs is constantly interrupting my day with the vacuum. Why must she constantly clean? I like the house when it is all messy and I can find my toys. I think she was in our room and mopping the floors know what that means...our room is going to smell CLEAN...which is NOT a good thing. Our room isn't a pine forest. It is a stinky doggie den. Next thing you know she is going to wash my snuggly and make it smell like fabric softener..ick!

~ChaChi LU

Monday, March 24, 2008


Yeah, if we had a Llama, we would feed it ham...because we have WAY TOO MUCH HAM!!

~Jet and ChaChi

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Not exactly as planned...

Hi everyone! Easter was canceled, or at least postponed, because Anna got sick. She has a nasty cold/flu and we didn't want Grandma Karen to get sick. (She still has a low immunity because of her Chemo treatments). So... we just decided it wasn't worth it to expose everyone to a nasty flu.

And then, as if this wasn't enough, we got a ton of snow last night which makes it hard to believe it is Spring. Graham went outside to shovel the driveway. He is so sweet to help!

Now all we have to do is figure out what to do with the Ham! We have enough to feed an army!

But let's not forget whose Birthday it is today...Jettie Bean Texas Ranger! (It is also Grandma Karen's Birthday too!) That is the best part!

~ChaChi Lu

Friday, March 21, 2008

Like a little kid and Lucky Charms!

What is the big deal? So I only like the red bits....and if I stick my nose way in there...I can get the good pieces. Then I just kick the brown ones on the floor. Yuk. I think the brown ones are a healthy choice because they taste like crap. I will leave those for Jet. Why does Babs keep putting them back in the bowl? C'mon!

~ChaChi Lu

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tonight Anna is going to see Avril Lavigne!

Anna and her Friend (and her friend's Mother)
are going to see Avril Lavigne live in Minneapolis!

She gave me hugs before she left.
She said that I wouldn't like the loud music...
so I stayed home.

Kisses Anna! Have a fun night!
You are a lucky girl to go out on a school night!

~Jet and ChaChi

A Tisket and Tasket....

...Daddy got Mommy and Easter Basket!

Happpy First Day of Spring! This makes Babs very happy because she says it won't be long and the snow will go far far away. She is super busy getting the house all clean and tidy for Easter Sunday. Daddy was thoughtful and got her this delightful little basket of Spring flowers for the center of the table. It is sitting in the sun so we decided to join it for some warmth and relaxation! After all of the relatives come to have Honey Baked Ham, and yes I am sure we will get a small piece, then they will all go into the home theater to cuddle with US...oh, and they MIGHT watch a movie....but the most important part is that we will get TONS of attention! Can't wait!

~Jet and ChaChi

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Birthday is Near!

Hi puppies and humans! This is a picture of me when I first came home to live with my family. I was so tiny! I am going to be ONE on Easter and I have something fun to tell you. See, my birth nanny Katie named me Jet and Babs tried and tried to think of a big fancy name for me. (Seeing as though I have to live with ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne) Then it kinda came to her one day while she was scratching me. She thought that we should always celebrate my birthday on Easter (even though it moves around a bit) because everyone would be home. AND, here is the best part, she decided my big name is "Jettie Bean Texas Ranger" ...kinda like Jelly Bean...and Texas because of my heritage. Finally Ranger, because it is manly and I am a big manly dog! Now all Babs has to do is register me with my big name. Then I am official.

So I thought I should tell you that EVERYONE will be celebrating MY birthday on Sunday at our home. Coincidently, it is also Grandma Karen's real birthday too. I SMELL CAKE IN MY NEAR FUTURE!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Friday Night!

I know it is Friday, and maybe it is adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, but this is what Jettie and I have planned. Breakfast, nap, Lunch, nap, Dinner, nap...and then probably go to bed.

It's a rough life but someone has to do it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When will this snow melt?

Today, Babs said she is sick of the snow. Jet and I want to go for a walk. It is supposed to get pretty warm today (like in the 30's) so we should be able to explore the driveway and lick some snow today. Babs said that it won't be long and our backyard will be green again and we can have friends come over and sit by the fire pit. Here is a picture of our back yard...oh, we can hardly wait!

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Amy and Mary love me!

Hi all! See my new "Barkingdales" pink credit card squeeky toy? See my flossie? I got those from my birth nannies Amy and Mary. They brought me into this world and the didn't forget my Birthday. I am so excited to chew my favorite treatsie. I let Jet have my second flossie because I kinda like him.

I should also point out that Amy had a beautiful baby girl named Mary Jane and Babs got to meet her for the first time yesterday. Babs said she is like a little angel with a princess face and long eyelashes. Amy is a busy new Mommy but not too busy to forget my birthday. Mary also let me know that Sammy, my brother, is super happy and his same old snuggly self. I feel so lucky to have so many people who care about me. But then, why shouldn't they all love me??? After all, I am ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne the great!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Would you KEEP IT DOWN????!!!!

"I know it is Saturday but, COULD YOU KINDLY KEEP IT DOWN?! I am trying to get my beauty rest and everyone is making so much noise!"~ ChaChi

"You don't have to be so snotty about it, ChaChi. We can all hear you just fine without yelling."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's a GREAT DAY!!

Hi puppies! Guess what?? Today is a GREAT DAY! Babs got Jet and I a new "loofa bunny toy". Here is a picture of me standing guard over the little pink bunny. I am ready to pounce on Jet if he comes near. It is mine mine mine!!!
Sometimes Graham likes to tease me by pulling on the other end. Graham, don't you know that this is MY toy? Gimme it!
Most importantly, Babs says it is a great day because she got the best news ever last night. Grandma Karen has kicked cancer in the butt. She had her Chemo yesterday and her scans came back perfect! She just has one more Chemo left. Babs is smiling and I can tell she is so relieved. I can't wait to see Grandma Karen on Easter and tell her how proud I am of her!!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Now we've done it!

Oh oh. ChaChi and I have been "naughty". At least that is what Anna says. She is super duper mad at us. See, she left her library book on the floor and ChaChi and I were just curious as to what the big deal was. We tasted it and even tried to play with it. But noooooo, it wasn't fun at all. It just got us into trouble. Anna says she has to pay for the book now. I don't get it...wasn't it hers in the first place? I'm sorry, Anna. We were just hungry for knowledge.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kissy Face!

Oh Doggies, I just have to tell you that it is so nice to feel better. See my smooth belly? Rash free and soft like a good hairless little doggie. Jet has been keeping up with my daily grooming ritual of licking my face and ears. He is rather good at being my personal attendant. I, however, don't need to take care of HIS grooming as I am above that mundane task. See, I am special. He should pay me just to be in my company. Jet is lucky to have the privilege of being on my staff of personal servants...just like Babs.

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne the GREAT!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cuddle Buddies!

Just another wonderful Saturday...Anna is reading with Jettie on her lap and I, ChaChi Lu, have one of my favorite "bonies"...YUM!