Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Summer Dayz with the Kidz...

Jet and I went for a stroll with Anna and Graham. We stopped by the soccer field to run around and chase each other. Jet and I couldn't be any cuter if we were Beckam and Posh!

~ ChaChi Lu

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pooltime fun!!

Saturday at the Lake

What a delightful morning. Jet and I went for coffee in Uptown with Babs and AJ. It was such a great sunny morning and I just adore Uptown! I seem to get so much attention just walking around. Jet and I literally stop traffic with our good looks and refined prance. Everyone wants to pet us and ask if we are full grown. I don't see the big deal about our size. Jet barks loud enough to show everyone just how big we can be.

Just to recap, we met a Dachshund named Toby that was simply charming. We watched the ducks swimming in the lake, chased birds, and sniffed every post. We met an eleven year old girl named Claire who told us that her friend once called a Chihuahua a "Chalupa". Was that ever funny! A small toddler in a stroller pointed at Jet and exclaimed, "Look MOM, a LEGO!" Aren't little kids just the cutest? The only inappropriate remark came from a nice enough lady at the coffee shop. After she pointed out how small we were, she shouted, "look at the size of his little wee-wee". I am just going to chalk it up to bad manners.

We walked out little paws off and then took the giant stairs to our car. Jet is such a little smarty. He found a way to get up all of those stairs...take the ramp! So fun.

OK, off for our nappies. We are exhausted!

ChaChi LU

Blowing out the candles!

Friday night was a blast. Babs and AJ took us to Karie's birthday party. It was graciously hosted by Bailey and Magoo! We didn't really know what to make of Magoo as he licked us with his big Tibetan Terrier tongue. Bailey seemed to remember our last visit and was less than interested. I, ChaChi Lu, made sure I was queen of the pack by barking and marking my territory. Oopsies... sorry ,Grandma Karen, for the piddle I left in your kitchen! I will try to behave myself better next time. It was a delightful gathering and we look forward to their next social event!

~ ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Friday, July 27, 2007

Bad puppers!

Ok, I know what you are thinking...that I am perfect in every way. But this morning, I had what Babs calls, "a bad decision". Early this morning, I thought it would be easier to use Babs and Aj's comforter as my pee pad. I thought, who would notice? Just a little bit....No biggie. Well, let's just say that Babs said this was my last night sleeping in her bed until I behave. Really, do you see what the big deal is? I guess I better apologize. I think I might have really made her mad because she mentioned that this was a VERY SPECIAL duvet from the Galleria in Edina. Whatever! Just get another blanket! I have one if she needs one!

Bailey and Magoo

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I don't get it!


I have never seen Homestarrunner and I am a bit confused as to why you like that YouTube. I find it silly and that dog isn't "all that"...did you see his manners?

This is my favorite Youtube. It makes me proud to be a Chi! Aren't we lovely?

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jet's favorite YouTube....

Hee hee hee, just like Trogdor from Homestarrunner.com! Wait till I show ChaChi! Two paws up!

Who are the people in your neighborhood ...

Apparently Babs didn't look at the weather channel, because she thought it would be a beautiful night for a walk. I couldn't even wear my usual walking attire as it was too muggy and hot! Imagine how embarrassed I was to just walk in my collar and lead. SO COMMON!

Jet thinks that I am a wonderful neighborhood guide...and why shouldn't he? I know every crack in the sidewalk, the best places to sniff, where to avoid the big dogs, and how to prance so that everyone knows I AM THE LEADER!

We even took "little Babs" along, or Anna as they seem to call her, and she eventually carried me home. I just had to sit and let her know that the weather was just not optimal for an after dinner walk. I walk when I want. I sit when I want. I will be carried when I want.

Jet hasn't quite figured this technique out. He just gladly walks along with a big smile. Again, I think I am quite fond of this little guy. What a trooper!

~ ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Back from the Track!

Jet here! I just want you all to know that Dad is back and he had a blast driving FAST! I am trying to steal ALL of his attention. ChaChi, get in line!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fashion Hiatus!

OOOh, I love the Anniversary Sale and it starts TOMORROW! I am sorry that I will be unable to post for a few days. I will be busy showing Jet all of the new Fall Fashions! Toodles!

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jet's thoughts on "Go Dog Go"

Hi Y'all. Jet here. Chachi is sleeping on her snuggly so I thought I would sneak in here and tell ya what I have been up to. First of all, my new Dad is away at Road America racing his car with his brother. I missed him so much that I had Babs read me this special book for bedtime.

Go Dog Go is a hoot! I give it both paws up!

To read more about this event go to:


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Move over Siskel and Ebert...Paws up?Paws Down?

John from Cincinatti, HBO

"I know what you are all thinking...that when you are petting our ears and scratching our bellies, you think that we could care less as to what is on T.V. Well, that is where you are WRONG. We have opinions, like how this HBO lineup doesn't hold a candle to seasons past. Like, just what is "John from Cincinatti"? I am half expecting him to zip out of his skin, like in Cocoon, and glow like an alien....or is this just a big rip off of Rain Man? I don't get it! " Paws down - ChaChi Lu

"I liked it. I like the bubbles under water. Beach Hippies look nice. Move over Chachi, Babs needs to scratch my ears..."Paws up - Jet

If you ever felt like getting me something I DESERVE!

"ChaChi's Lil' Helper "...for those RUFF days...

This is my wish for everyone reading...when it is my birthday, I would like one of these....I have a very dull and rather common food bowl and I think Babs doesn't care about my overall dining experience. If you are interested, go to:


I also would like to express my unending affection for my friend Sonja in Manhattan for finding such a precious gift item for moi. She is just so thoughtful to keep me updated with the latest trends from NYC. Muah!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Ant Hunting and generally looking like a Stud

Very nice! Jet is trying to impress me with his hunting skills. I think he is starting to realize that I, ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne, will need to be won over...courted in a way...but for sure he needs to work to impress me. He recently has taken up the sport of Ant Hunting, an ancient sport created by our ancestors for fun and stimulation. He is rather good at it!

But that isn't the kicker. He also went on a little shopping spree with Graham and came home with a very Rock'n Roll T-shirt. He still looks very sweet, but in a bad boy sort of way. Yes, he has my attention!

Keep it up, Jet. I may just have to move you past Orlando Bloom on my scale of hotties.

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just incase you think dogs can blog

It's really me!

Coffee Talk with ChaChi Lu

Welcome Friends! I thought I would go public with all of my lovely thoughts. I thought of this idea while enjoying my soy latte this morning. After all, my thoughts are most important, right?

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Hi! Jet here, I am posting on ChaChi's blog...

Jet here. Now I know what y'all thinkin'...that this lil' pup from Texas ain't so bright. Well, you are wrong. Just because ChaChi Lu speaks ten words a second with gusts up to fifty, doesn't mean she is the only one with thoughts in her noggin. See, I just a little pup and I am a little jumpy like spit on a griddle...that's all. But let me tell you just how I am adjusting to life in Minnesota....
First of all, I am not trying to brag, but I am riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels up here in Minnesota. It's like a won the lottery. I have my own room, my own snuggly, I've gotten hugs almost every hour, and I've got this roomate that words cannot describe. At first, I thought anyone named "ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne" had to be about as sharp as a mashed potato, but did she ever prove me wrong! I think she has a lot of stars in her crown for a mutt. She's a little skinny for my taste but she seems to be following the Paris Hilton Tinkerbell diet. She says it is all the rage in L.A.That's ok, more kibble for me! All I can say is that she is a wonderful room mate. She is showin' me all the ins and outs of this place. I think if I felt any happier, I would drop my harp plumb through the cloud.
I do have to tell you that I not really accustomed to my fancy schmants collar or the fact that ChaChi Lu sometimes wears clothes. I mean, this would get you beat up in Texas. I just hope I don't turn into one of those hollywood wanna be dogs. Babs hasn't tried to put clothes on me yet. I am still thinking about how I might react to THAT situation.
Ok, well I thought I would share my pictures of little ol' me getting my pigs ear stolen by ChaChi. What a tease! Just know that I am keeping score and if you look at my smiling picture, you will see my sly-nice-guy-Texan-smirk. I will be soon talkin' to y'all and telling you how I got her back.

It is official, HE has arrived.

Jet is now a part of our family. I am still trying to figure out why he smells that way. I will let you know what I think of him as soon as he learns what is mine. Off to guard ALL of my belongings. Oh, and I just have to say....he's kinda cute...not that I am attracted to him or anything...but I think I might be smitten with his good looks!

ChaChi Lu

Got the word from TEXAS!

It seems as if Babs has lost her mind! Texas? Texas! I am getting a lil' cowboy brother from TEXAS? He will be arriving any day now. What if he, gasp, is a big fan of George Bush? What if he barks in a southern drawl? I mean, does he have to be so cute? I do not want to be outdone. Can't they find an uglier puppy so that no one will pet him and I will continue to be the center of attention? This picture makes me nervous. He is really, really cute. I will just have to show Babs that I have lovely manners to outshine the anticipated arrival!

What? A brother?

Ok, now don't get too excited. Turns out Babs is thinking about another puppy. Of course, this dog would NEVER be as cute as me. Could it?

What would they name a new little pup? Afterall, aren't they blinded by my overall beauty and charm? Would they even be able to love another? They better not name the pup Joanie! That would just be so kitchy and dull...with lack of ANY originality.

Something to ponder during my bask in the sun.

Memorial Day Hot dog!

Just me...doing a little modeling...yes, I look like this EVERYDAY.
Don't hate me because I am beautiful!

Pearl and Sparky

I just have to brag about my very close friends Pearl and Sparky. It is always good to surround yourself with the beautiful pups. I think my popularity is growing in the community! Toodles for now, I must get my pedicure...

ChaChi Lu most popular and beautiful pup on the planet!

My family abandoned me! Help!

Hee Haw...Mums and Dad went to NYC and all I got was this stupid hat.
That's it.....I am finding a new family!
Precious Puppy
Likes long walks on the Beach
needs kisses and designer clothes
If interested call Cha Chi Lu,,,,