Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Oh doggies, do I feel better! My rash is healing and my tail is wagging. I have even been chasing and pouncing on Jet this morning. I don't want him to forget who is in charge! Thank you for all your kind words when I was feeling yucky!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So I guess I should feel better soon...

Hi friends and family. I just got back from the V-E-T and I have been told I should feel better soon. Turns out, my rash on my tummy was further being irritated by the cream Babs was putting on we threw that out! I also had new crusties on the tips of my ears and the Vet told Babs that she suspects I might have a little autoimmune problem with my skin. The Vet remembered that I had a histiocytoma on my paw a while back and because of the placement of the different lesions...well, I could just have a funky immune system. SOO, Babs assured me there is life after autoimmune diseases and that a little dose of prednisone and an antibiotic (oral) will have me up and perky in no time.

I am going to use this opportunity to get more hugs and love from everyone. Jet is just happy that I am home and he can't wait to lick my ears!

I think I am going to go snuggle with Babs now....toodles!
ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Monday, February 25, 2008


Oh puppies! I just heard Babs on the phone with the veterinarian. I think I am going in to see her about my belly. I have this RASH that itches and I can't stop licking it. It makes me whine and pace and I don't like to lay down. It might just be dry...but Babs thinks it is something worse. I guess these are some of the complications of not having hair. She has been using a product called "skin works" that has moisturizers and an antibacterial element that is especially for doggies. But it isn't working. Boo.

Wish me luck as I am NOT a big fan of my VET. She is super sweet but I don't trust her one bit. Once she smiled and the next thing I knew, I had a sharp pinch. She is TRICKY!

I will keep you posted....

~poor me,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who wants the "Ball that does Nothing"??

Hi to all fellow DWBloggers! As you know, Simba passed along a toy to us for wining his contest. We found the toy, the ball that does nothing, to be equally unimpressive. This further made us think of how we could make "somethin' outta nothin"....and we thought we would start our own contest to you might say, keep the ball rolling. We would like to send this ball out to another doggie. This doggie needs to share a story of unselfish animal kindness. This could be an inspiring story that includes himself or his humans...or something in the news that touched their hearts.

The best story...ok, I am sure they are ALL the best...but the one that makes ChaChi cry with tears of inspiration will win the BALL!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Great Warm-up!

Hi puppies, hammies and humans. This is me, sitting near my cozy fire. thinking about the great warm up. It has been DAYS of below zero temperatures and they tell us a heat wave it coming. It might get up to twenty above today! Woo hoo. This is a good thing because I hear Babs complaining about the cold and we haven't been outside in months. Luckily we are pee box trained! I really want to go on a walk and visit all of my favorite coffee shops soon. I am going to snuggle here for a while and think about green grass. I hear it is only a few months away!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Puppy Stork!

It is always a great day when a cute little puppy is brought into the world of someone who is going to love them and take care of them. This is Buster, a Corgi puppy, and he is going home with my friend Nate. Buster is going to live with his Corgi sister Lucy and is going to be loved by the entire extended family. Isn't he cute? He is a tri-color and I think he face kinda reminds me of JET.

Cheers to Nate's Family and all the love this little guys is going to have!
~ChaChi LU

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's my special day!

It's my pawty and I'll whine if I want to.....Today is MY special day. This is NOT Jet's special day so let's not confuse this issue. I am ONE today. I was the beautiful princess daughter to Pinky and Ralph. Babs went to the doggie bakery and bought me a "whoopie pie". It was made especially for spoiled little pooches like MOI. The whole family sang "Happy Birthday" to me at breakfast and I even got to stand on the TABLE to eat my first bite. I didn't eat much because I sometimes have an intolerance to new foods. I did get to taste it until Jet came over and tried to hog a piece. I shared with him because I am quite fond of Jet. BUT, getting back to me....It is MY DAY. I get to make the rules. I am ChaChi LU Pink Champagne the GREAT! I am such a big girl now.


Monday, February 18, 2008


See this little fence? Well, let me tell you a little story. This weekend, Babs thought that ChaChi and I were old enough to have run of another room in the house. She took this fence down and we were able to explore the enchanted dining room. All was good until ChaChi and I decided to DIG at the edge of the carpet and then we found the most wonderful thing.....we figured out that you can unravel the carpet and pull it out with your teeth. It was so much fun. Digging. Pulling. ChaChi and I were having a grand ol' time!
Here is a picture of what that hallway looks like now. Yep. Back to confinement. We are no longer allowed in the enchanted dining room until ChaChi and I grow up and learn that Babs' carpet IS NOT A TOY.


Friday, February 15, 2008

I want to give a shout out to my blankee!

Today, Babs put my blankee in the washing machine and I was very concerned. See, I watched her pick it up off the floor when she was mopping my room. She looked at it and quickly put it in the washer. I watched her do it and it made me whine. What is she doing with it? Where is it going? Will it still be fun and stinky when I get it back? I have had this blankee since the day I was brought home on the airplane from Texas. My birth Nanny made it for me and sent it with me to remind me of my home. It might look like a pot holder to you...but it is a very special blanket to me! I better watched the door to the laundry room and make sure it comes back.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hope they didn't forget to pick me up!

I think there is a Valentine Skiing pawty somewhere and I am supposed to see Paris my girlfriend there. She has been working on her dance moves and I am really excited to go. I hope someone picks me up soon.

(And yes, this is make believe for those NON DWB'ers...think Mr. Rogers and the land of make believe in cyberland....)


Happy Valentines Day!

Today, Anna decided to dress up for Valentines day! She gave us lots of snuggles before she left for school. We hope everyone has a PAWSOME valentines day or...Singles Awareness Day...which ever you prefer.

Chihuahua kisses!
ChaChi and JET

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another note from Cousin Magoo and Uncle Bailey!

Look at us. Grandma and Grandpa went to the Pet Store and bought us some food
and they were having a 50% off sale on coats! We each got a new coat. They will be perfect for Spring and the rain. They have fake fur collars and pink linings. (pink? Oh,well)
We may even try them in the snow. Now we can go out. That is if some one
takes us for a walk. It is rumored that there is a member of this family
that has snow shoes........hmmmmmmmm. I have snow shoe feet! Lets go.
Don't we look handsome?
Love and Licks, Mr. Magoo and Bailey

Oh Bailey and Magoo,

We are so glad that you have such new fun fashions. It's about time you get out there and enjoy the snow. I heard it is going to get much warmer next week. But until then, I suggest you wear your coats indoors and be doggie fabulous! We hope to visit you soon...

JET and ChaChi

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Ok Doggies, humans, and hamsters...I have to tell you the most exciting news EVER! Jet and I got a package in the mail from SIMBA all the way from the UK. Babs finally let us open it yesterday. It was so exciting to have a pawsome friend from WAY FAR AWAY. And guess what? He knew EXACTLY the kind of treatsies that we like. This is me finding my perfect chewie before Jet even has a chance to claim one. These are delish!
And here I am casually chewing on my treatsie. Yes, I have seen the ball. The ball of "disinterest", the "ball that does nothing", and I would have to say that I have to agree with my dear friend Simba. I REALLY wanted to look like I was playing with it, using my grand imagination, and playful skills....because it was so generous of Simba to send it to me. Babs even tried to throw it and make a big fuss. Anna even put a treat inside. Like I can't figure THAT out. And honestly, I have really really good manners and so I am going to add that I was delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift. I think I will just leave it for Jet as he seems to be amused with just about anything.
24 hours later....Yep. It is official. Even Jet finds the ball less than delightful. Ok, doggies...we are going to have to find a home for this ball. SOMEDOGGIE is going to love it. Now Babs has to be clever and think up another contest with the ball being the prize. Keep posted for details. Also, a big big thank you to Simba and his family for the super fun game. You guys are the BEST!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne and JET

Friday, February 8, 2008

Yippee Skippee it's Friday!

It started out like a normal Friday morning. Miss ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne was "warming" her underside by her friend Mr. Kitchen Vent. I swear, you would think she was sunning herself on a beach in Cabo the way she dramatically poses herself. Whatever! I had better things to do with my time....
This is me. I am watching Daddy make something magnificent. It would only be his famous onion and mushroom omelet. (That is French for fancy eggs) OK, now add the onion...ever so gently flip...ohh yeah let it sizzle...that's it...mmmmm...
See what I mean? Who needs Emril with Daddy in the house? BAM! That is breakfast! Now guess what we get to do today...?? That's right! We get to explore what is inside the box!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Guess what I found on my doorstep?

OOOOH! What is that? It looks like it is from the UK! Could it be a gift from SIMBA? We will be sure to post what we find inside!!! ~ChaChi and JET

It is just around the corner...

Kisses to you xoxoxo!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A letter from Bailey and Magoo!

Grandma left the computer on so thought I'd send you a picture of what we
will be doing today. It is now snowing. We are supposed to have 2-4
inches. Later we will go out and see if we can drag some of it in the house
with us. :0)

Love and Licks, Mr. Magoo and Bailey

(Fellow Dog bloggers, humans, and Hamsters, Mr Magoo is our cousin and the little one is Uncle Bailey. They live near us and have been couped up inside because of the weather too! )

I am such a little Gentleman!

Attention everyone. Babs says I am on my way to becoming well mannered. I thought I should put on my tuxedo t-shirt for today's post as I am such a Gentleman. See, I haven't eaten poo for days now. For some reason, and it could be because of those sneaky treats Babs has been giving ChaChi and I each day, poo just tastes disgusting! Blech! So, it is best to just leave it on the pee pad. I have noticed that I get way more attention when I leave them alone. I must be a "good boy" because I have been called that many times in the past few days.

So, just thought I should let you know that I am on my way to being a very civil and obedient doggie with fresh breath and refined manners.

Tah Tah,

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm LOST...OK, not REALLY...but I don't get it!

Some people look forward to the Super Bowl, but Babs has been patiently anticipating the new season of LOST. Last night she got her wish and ChaChi and I were ready for TV snuggles. The crazy part is, and maybe this is just my little Chihuahua brain, but I DON'T GET IT! Is the Island a time portal? Is it entirely made up in Hurley's insane mind? Who are the "others" and how did Charlie go into the future to talk to Hurley? This is just so confusing! I don't get why Babs continues to watch such a crazy show! I'm LOST!