Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Puppy Stork!

It is always a great day when a cute little puppy is brought into the world of someone who is going to love them and take care of them. This is Buster, a Corgi puppy, and he is going home with my friend Nate. Buster is going to live with his Corgi sister Lucy and is going to be loved by the entire extended family. Isn't he cute? He is a tri-color and I think he face kinda reminds me of JET.

Cheers to Nate's Family and all the love this little guys is going to have!
~ChaChi LU


Frasier said...

He is so cute!!!

Tadpole said...

Awww... he is incredibly handsome!!! And I'm sure it's because he DOES look a lot like your Jettie! :-)

Lorenza said...

Congratulations to Buster, to Lucy and to Nate!
I am sure Buster will have a happy life with them!
Kisses and hugs

Simba said...

That is a cute puppy.

Simba xx

ChaChi Lu said...

Just an update, Buster has now been officially named "Valentino" or "Tino" for short. He was born around Valentines day and they decided to keep his name that his breeder gave him. Buster just didn't fit so they started calling him by his original name..."Valentino"...and they think it is perfect. I do too! What a lovely name!

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