Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's PJ time!

Oh doggies...I just thought I would tell you about my night. Anna said that I was "stinky" but I really don't know how that is possible. She decided I needed a shampooch and conditioner. She poured me a bath and used "swanky dog" soap. It was delightful. I loved my bath. But then, my enjoyable night took a sudden turn as I saw her looking at the pile of dog clothes. She found these jammies and I think they are slightly rediculous. I mean, penguins in July? Wa?

I had to sit and think about what just happened. Let's see, hugs, bath...then....humiliation? I am more of a Man than these penguin jammies reflect. I don't care how cute everyone thinks I am.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My girlfriend Sparkle Sassy Pants came over!

Hi Doggies! I have some really fun news. Seems as if Anna got a doggie sitting job this weekend. She watched Sparkle Sassy Pants for the day while her Mommy and Daddy were busy. Well, the cool thing is that I am totally in love with her. Look at those refined features. She also has an amazing fashion sense with that cutie patootie bow on her head.

ChaChi tried to get in on the hugs but she settled for sitting on Anna's lap. I hope this is a lesson to ChaChi that she isn't the only cute doggie in town. I, Jet, am completely excited to spend the day with both of my lovely puppy girls.

~Jettie Bean Texas Ranger

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pool Party!

Hey, Jettie! Babs went to work so let's PAR-TAY!
I have the pool all set up. You get the margaritas!

I am already in the pool, ChaCHi. Besides, didn't you already have a few?

Well, maybe a couple...but I think my margarita glass is empty again. I'll be right back.

How much time do we have before Babs comes home? I hope she doesn't catch us. I think she thinks that we just sleep all day when she is at work....