Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturdays are good!

"HI! This is me...Jet! I decided to oversee Graham's activities on the laptop. He is studying for finals and I thought he needs a little extra support. He asks me all of the hard questions and I do my best to answer them."

"This is ChaChi hanging out in the sun. She likes to go out on the deck and watch the birds and squirrels. She is getting to be quite a little barker. ChaChi, I think Babs got us new flossies to chew so you should come in. That is about all there is to report. I like Saturdays!"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lazy Day!

Sometimes I sleep like this and Babs calls me a "peoples". Today was especially nice because Babs decided to read and lay around and only do laundry. This provided many opportunities to nap like this. I don't even think she made the bed today...which made it very easy to sneak way under the covers and go back to sleep. Nighty Night and Nappy Nap!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Great Coffee Extraveganza!

"Jettie, watch this. I will drive us to this neat little box. All you do is say that you want an iced coffee please and a coffee of the day" ~Chachi

"OK, I want that!"~JET

" Oh my doggie, then they just hand it to you? Yummy. How do you use a straw?" ~JET

"I have GOT to tell all the other dogs out there about this. This is amazing! Do you have these little talking boxes by your house?"~JET

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Momma needs to brag...

Momma needs to brag about her blooming Louisa Crab tree! Isn't it magnificent? Summer is really going to be here soon....REALLY!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol

So tonight is the big night. I have my tuxedo on and everything. I think I am going to be the next American Idol. I mean, I am very handsome AND I am very vocal!

Babs thinks that David Archulete is going to win because he did an amazing performance last night. She was thrilled he picked an Elton John AND a John Lennon song to sing. She thinks he is the winner.

Time will tell.....

~Jet, hopeful American Idol

Saturday, May 17, 2008

House of CRAZY!

Oh my doggies, I have to tell you about what happened last night. I think our house was invaded by 12 year old girls. It was CRAZY! At one point, they dressed Jet and I up for a doggie fashion show. I was passed from girl to girl and they were all so loud and giggly and was just really, really loud at our house.
This is a picture of AJ making HOT DOGS on the grill. YES! HOT DOGS! (not to be confused with HAUTE DOGS, like myself, in the fashion world) Anydoodle, did I get a hot dog? Did I get a piece of that scrumptious cake? NO. It was not my party.

So, I decided to take my frustrations out on my chewy stick. This is me. I am pouting that my house is so CRAZY loud with screaming, giggling, girls. I am pouting because they made me wear ALL of my clothes...and they changed me about nine times. I am pouting because I never got a hot dog OR a piece of Oreo ice cream cake.


ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Maybe it was the Venti Starbucks Coffee...

Maybe it was the Venti Starbucks Coffee or it could be the flowers. Babs is kinda nuts this morning about Spring. She keeps smiling and telling us how beautiful the deck looks. I have to admit, it is better than snow. But somehow these little plants are stealing my thunder. Aren't I beautiful too, Mama?


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Friends Weeny and Daisy brought this to our attention:

"ChaChi, does this mean I don't have to wear sweaters if I don't want to???" Jet.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is she doing?

I see the sunshine. I see the hose. I see Anna and
Mom walking back and forth. What are they doing?

Ooh, I see it now. They are PLANTING!
I forgot it is Mother's Day and that it is finally warm!

Of course I must sniff the plant and inspect the plantings myself.
Yep. I think that is a pretty flower. Good job!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day, to all my mothers....But let's not forget my super de dooper Mommy, Pinky! She is the beautiful Chinese Crested in the picture above. Ralph, my Daddy, is next to her and Nakey and Sammy are in the background and are my brother and sister. Pinky is an amazing Mommy.

Of course, I have more Mommies that took care of me...Amy, Mary, Babs, Anna....But I just wanted to tell you that I was thinking about Pinky today and thankful for all of her effort in bringing me into this world.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Human Mommies and four legged Mommies!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I wish I could go....

Do you think Babs would take me someday?

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Monday, May 5, 2008

Gotta case of the Mondays??

Is it really Monday? I want another weekend day. I want to sleep all day in the sun but Babs is cleaning again like a mad woman. Vacuuming and stomping all around...can't I get a little bit of sleep? Geesh! I wanna crawl back into my comforter and dream sweet dreams of bil-jac's and bully sticks, squirrels and birdies!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chilly Charity!

Happy Saturday! Today was a first for Jettie and I. We participated in the "Walk for the Animals" for our local Human Society Animal Shelter. Here is a picture of our Team! We raised over $1,000 for all of those homeless kitties, puppies, and animals!
This is me, ChaChi Lu, thinking about how lucky we are to have loving homes. Inside this building, many puppies and kitties are just waiting for a good home. Babs said that she was walking in memory of her favorite rescue dog, Zack, who grew up in her home and was found at this very shelter by Babs and her Dad when she was little.
This is a picture of AJ, Graham and Jettie. Uncle Rick has Simon in his arms and is walking in honor of Simon, Louise and Buster (who were also rescue dogs that were brought home to live with Amy and Rick).
Here Amy and Louise (Skipperkee) pose outside of the very building that Louise was rescued from. Louise is a happy Senior Citizen and was participating in the walk even though she is 91 years old in people years. Sometimes Amy helped her along by picking her up and carrying her.
Lucy the Corgi belongs to our friend Nate who also walked on behalf of our team. Lucy went to the groomer before the walk and was voted by Nate and Babs as the prettiest Corgi at the walk.

We all enjoyed helping our local shelter and shivered through the 40 degree temps for a great cause! Cheers to the volunteers, friends and family that donated money, and all the businesses that supported this event.