Saturday, May 17, 2008

House of CRAZY!

Oh my doggies, I have to tell you about what happened last night. I think our house was invaded by 12 year old girls. It was CRAZY! At one point, they dressed Jet and I up for a doggie fashion show. I was passed from girl to girl and they were all so loud and giggly and was just really, really loud at our house.
This is a picture of AJ making HOT DOGS on the grill. YES! HOT DOGS! (not to be confused with HAUTE DOGS, like myself, in the fashion world) Anydoodle, did I get a hot dog? Did I get a piece of that scrumptious cake? NO. It was not my party.

So, I decided to take my frustrations out on my chewy stick. This is me. I am pouting that my house is so CRAZY loud with screaming, giggling, girls. I am pouting because they made me wear ALL of my clothes...and they changed me about nine times. I am pouting because I never got a hot dog OR a piece of Oreo ice cream cake.


ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


Lorenza said...

Hi, ChaChi Lu!
Sounds like the girls had a great time!
No hot dog and no cake?? Not fair!
Glad you had that big chew!
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

I bet you & Jet are all cuddled and kissed up for a whole year!

Anonymous said...

Hi ChaChi Lu, I hope you dont mind me pawing by to see you i seen your link on another blog. You are soo cute. Manage not getting any cake, i don't think i could eat hot dog.

take care

lots of licks


Simba said...

I bet they sneaked you treats and gave you loads of attention.

Simba x

2shibas said...

So, so unfair. I hope the humans make it up to you on YOUR birthday!