Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chilly Charity!

Happy Saturday! Today was a first for Jettie and I. We participated in the "Walk for the Animals" for our local Human Society Animal Shelter. Here is a picture of our Team! We raised over $1,000 for all of those homeless kitties, puppies, and animals!
This is me, ChaChi Lu, thinking about how lucky we are to have loving homes. Inside this building, many puppies and kitties are just waiting for a good home. Babs said that she was walking in memory of her favorite rescue dog, Zack, who grew up in her home and was found at this very shelter by Babs and her Dad when she was little.
This is a picture of AJ, Graham and Jettie. Uncle Rick has Simon in his arms and is walking in honor of Simon, Louise and Buster (who were also rescue dogs that were brought home to live with Amy and Rick).
Here Amy and Louise (Skipperkee) pose outside of the very building that Louise was rescued from. Louise is a happy Senior Citizen and was participating in the walk even though she is 91 years old in people years. Sometimes Amy helped her along by picking her up and carrying her.
Lucy the Corgi belongs to our friend Nate who also walked on behalf of our team. Lucy went to the groomer before the walk and was voted by Nate and Babs as the prettiest Corgi at the walk.

We all enjoyed helping our local shelter and shivered through the 40 degree temps for a great cause! Cheers to the volunteers, friends and family that donated money, and all the businesses that supported this event.


Pedro said...

Great job Chachi Lu & Jet. That was a really great thing you did today!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, ChaChi Lu!
Sure it was nice to be part of that walkie for a good cause! You two met there many doggies!
Yes, you are right. We are so lucky to have lovely homes!
Kisses and hugs