Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Move over Siskel and Ebert...Paws up?Paws Down?

John from Cincinatti, HBO

"I know what you are all thinking...that when you are petting our ears and scratching our bellies, you think that we could care less as to what is on T.V. Well, that is where you are WRONG. We have opinions, like how this HBO lineup doesn't hold a candle to seasons past. Like, just what is "John from Cincinatti"? I am half expecting him to zip out of his skin, like in Cocoon, and glow like an alien....or is this just a big rip off of Rain Man? I don't get it! " Paws down - ChaChi Lu

"I liked it. I like the bubbles under water. Beach Hippies look nice. Move over Chachi, Babs needs to scratch my ears..."Paws up - Jet

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