Sunday, July 15, 2007

ChaChi Lu loves Pete Wentz 4ever!

OK, not to just tattle and rant about Babs, but she did a MAJOR mistake yesterday! She pampered the wrong pooch and I am NOT happy about that one teeny bit. I heard a rumor that it was Anna's birthday but I had NO idea just how much attention would be taken from ME and showered on Anna! Just for starters, I missed my morning walk because Babs had to go into work early so that she could take Anna , Aj, Lucy and Graham to FALL OUT BOY in the evening. YES, hold onto your pigtails, FALL OUT BOY....or FOB for those in the know.
Of course, I licked myself clean and made sure I was fully presentable to see my boyfriend Pete Wentz...AKA, Mr Hottie from FOB! I practiced all of my dance moves while eveyone was at school and work and I rehearsed my "oh, I left my backstage pass at home but Pete is expecting me..." speech. Did I get excited when I saw Lucy and Anna get their hair and lipgloss ready for the big night! I hated to break it to them, but Pete is mine and he and I talk daily through my secret super powers. I decided to let them live the fantasy and not burst their bubble.
But then, the unexpected happened. My Sworavski Crytal collar laid on the counter. Babs was NOT getting me ready! What? They are getting in the car without me? OMG! PETE!
This is when I decided that Babs needed a little reminder of who is the true princess....birthday or is I......Chachi Lu Pink Champagne! No one leaves baby in the corner!
So, I decided to destroy my puppy pee pad into a million bits and pieces for her to clean up! I will not be ignored! Oh, and just so you know, Pete already sent his love telepathically and will be picking me up in his tour bus any minute. I am running away with Fall Out Boy! I have my hoodie packed and I am ready. Buh Bye Babs!
ChaChi Lu Fall Out Girl..

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