Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hi! Jet here, I am posting on ChaChi's blog...

Jet here. Now I know what y'all thinkin'...that this lil' pup from Texas ain't so bright. Well, you are wrong. Just because ChaChi Lu speaks ten words a second with gusts up to fifty, doesn't mean she is the only one with thoughts in her noggin. See, I just a little pup and I am a little jumpy like spit on a griddle...that's all. But let me tell you just how I am adjusting to life in Minnesota....
First of all, I am not trying to brag, but I am riding the gravy train with biscuit wheels up here in Minnesota. It's like a won the lottery. I have my own room, my own snuggly, I've gotten hugs almost every hour, and I've got this roomate that words cannot describe. At first, I thought anyone named "ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne" had to be about as sharp as a mashed potato, but did she ever prove me wrong! I think she has a lot of stars in her crown for a mutt. She's a little skinny for my taste but she seems to be following the Paris Hilton Tinkerbell diet. She says it is all the rage in L.A.That's ok, more kibble for me! All I can say is that she is a wonderful room mate. She is showin' me all the ins and outs of this place. I think if I felt any happier, I would drop my harp plumb through the cloud.
I do have to tell you that I not really accustomed to my fancy schmants collar or the fact that ChaChi Lu sometimes wears clothes. I mean, this would get you beat up in Texas. I just hope I don't turn into one of those hollywood wanna be dogs. Babs hasn't tried to put clothes on me yet. I am still thinking about how I might react to THAT situation.
Ok, well I thought I would share my pictures of little ol' me getting my pigs ear stolen by ChaChi. What a tease! Just know that I am keeping score and if you look at my smiling picture, you will see my sly-nice-guy-Texan-smirk. I will be soon talkin' to y'all and telling you how I got her back.

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