Monday, July 16, 2007

Ant Hunting and generally looking like a Stud

Very nice! Jet is trying to impress me with his hunting skills. I think he is starting to realize that I, ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne, will need to be won over...courted in a way...but for sure he needs to work to impress me. He recently has taken up the sport of Ant Hunting, an ancient sport created by our ancestors for fun and stimulation. He is rather good at it!

But that isn't the kicker. He also went on a little shopping spree with Graham and came home with a very Rock'n Roll T-shirt. He still looks very sweet, but in a bad boy sort of way. Yes, he has my attention!

Keep it up, Jet. I may just have to move you past Orlando Bloom on my scale of hotties.

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is if I were to compare Jet to any "famous" person, beside myself, it would be Orlando Bloom! Was that intended or just random?

ChaChi Lu said...

I, ChaChi Lu, don't know how to be random....everything is intentional! Like, I recently made sure that I ran inside FIRST so that I got a treat before Jet. Always thinking ahead...

Just like how I am resting up for the Big Nordstrom Sale on Friday! I just hope the Paparazzi aren't there to capture my every move. I am sure you can relate seeing as you are famous too.

But, yes, doesn't JET have the puppy dog eyes like Orlando? How absolutely dreamy.

OK, off to smell the flowers in the yard!

ChaChi Lu