Sunday, July 15, 2007

Party at my friend Bailey and Magoo's home

Dearest Mr.Magoo and Bailey,
Darlings! I would love to come over to your Soire'. I have decided not to go on tour with Fall Out Boy just now. It interferes with my tennis schedule. I do have to ask, will there be any organic foods available? I will bring some of my lovely organic appetizers as Babs has decided I am too small for pesticides. Your walking path sounds lovely and I will be sure to bring my Princess lead so that everyone going past us is aware of our path ownership. I am hoping to get a good walk in this morning so that I am positively delightful at your party.
Now Magoo, I just have to ask. Is Bailey all there? I mean, I don't want to sound Catty but it was like I was invisible to him. And believe me, I am not use to being ignored! There must be something wrong with him. I must he simple? If so, I will try to be on my best behavior and put up with his ignorance and overall apathy. Maybe if I wear my party dress it will snap him out of whatever state he was in and take notice of my slender curves and fine features.
Will there be any pink champagne at this gathering? Oh, and I may use the side door to avoid the pesky paperazzi. Ok, must do my nails....kisses Magoo and tell Bailey " Hello. Which means "hi" incase he doesn't understand".
Warm regards,
ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Hi ChaChi,

Mr Magoo here. Every once and a while I get access to the computer too. I have written letters to my Mom when she is in Denver or Seattle. She usually gets a picture of me too. I’m very clever with the computer. But I have to do it when Grandma is not looking.

Bailey and I are inviting you to the birthday party tonight. We realize how devastating it must have been when they left you behind. We have ways of dealing with that too. Bailey is the best at it because sometimes he poops in his house. :0) That really gets them going. I love my house so it doesn’t matter to me. We also give them the tail-down thing when they are leaving and won’t go to our houses right away to get in. Also, they always take us out before they leave and we take our sweet time doing it so we can make them late. You just have to learn these things and then you will be in complete control.

Anyway, come to the party. You can bring your own potty pad and all will be well. I’ve heard that the humans are having hamburgers. We only get dog food so it is hard to be in the same area and smell the beef but we have fun playing with everyone.

We have a really nice path in the back yard. I think we own it. When we see anyone on it and we bark they keep going so it must be ours. Anyway, it has lots of great smells and lovely weeds to pee on (if you like to do that). So, see you tonight.

Oh, one more thing…………..if you don’t get what you want ……ask Grandma……..She’s a pushover!!!!!

Licks, Mr. Magoo and Bailey(by proxy-he can’t learn computer) J

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