Sunday, July 15, 2007

Getting Settled in my lavish life...

Happy Weekend Darlings!
ChaChi Lu here. I have had such an amazing week that I thought I should tell you all about my adventures. After all, who doesn't have time for a ChaChi update? I will say that Babs is very pleased with my progress with the Potty Pads. My god, all I have to do is go on them and she goes crazy...jumping and clapping. Sometimes the little Babs, I think her name is Anna or Nanna or something like that, gives me treats while I am still on the Potty Pad. I think I am going to try and train them to always give me a treat and a show. I like it when they sing and dance.
But life has been more than just puppy potty. I have decided that it is much easier to have Babs carry me on my walks. What is the point of trying to keep up to her? Slow down, can't you see I take eleven steps to your one? Feet are funny. I like Aj's shoes the most. If he walks in front of me, then I will follow. Other than that, I am just sure to stay away from feet in general. Little Babs accidentally kicked me a couple of days ago. She felt so bad that she cried. I, of course, practiced my best theatrics of limping and whimpering. It got me a couple hours of good snuggles and kisses.
Well, toodles, I am off to go shopping with Anna. She brought out the portable jail cell and is dressed much like my idol Paris. She even convinced AJ to take us for a ride to Lu Lu and Louigies. I will be sure to attach a picture of my latest wardrobe update. Enjoy your weekend! I know I will. This new outfit is worth taking a walk up the cul-de-sac to at least show off to Cody and Bently, our neighbor mutts. Sure, they may have pure bred papers, but do they look as cute as me in my latest Dolce and Dogbanna? I don't think so....
ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

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