Sunday, July 15, 2007

Coffee Talk with ChaChi Lu

Welcome Friends! I thought I would go public with all of my lovely thoughts. I thought of this idea while enjoying my soy latte this morning. After all, my thoughts are most important, right?

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


Anonymous said...

Hi Chachi Lu! I am so excited to have company for coffee. I like Highly caffinated and expensive coffee. I really like good conversation too.....I can't wait to hear your views on Politics and religion.I really enjoy a good cat fight.(I mean dog debate). I am also wondering if you have any fashion tips? I purchased a Nathon's Hot dog eating contest T-shirt and I am wonder how to wear it so I look Sheek? I am so excited to have a new best friend.

St. paul Mn

ChaChi Lu said...

Oh my dearest Mich,

I am so happy that you enjoy a good latte or two. We must get together soon and do a little coffee talk. I am FULL of opinions..especially caffeine fueled opinions. And what a coincidence about the Nathan Hot Dog Eating T-shirt. I happen to have one too! I will be sure to model it in the highest fashion sense soon. Keep posted to my glorious blog! Muah!