Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taggsies! By my dear friend Poppy

Dearest Poppy,

I want to thank you for tagging me. I have never played such a delightful game before. Oh, so exciting. Thank you for your playfulness

~ ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

(The Rules: Your answers have to begin with the same letter that begins your first name.)

What is your name? ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne
4 letter word: Chic
Vehicle: Chariot
TV Show: Charmed
City: Charlotte, NC
Boy Name: Charles
Girl Name: ChaChi....DUH! (and don't you tell me that's a boy's name!!)
Alcoholic Drink: Champagne....AGAIN,DUH!
Occupation: Chewer

Something you wear: Chanel
Celebrity: ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne....MOI

Something found in a bathroom: Chocolate...I think????
Reason for being late: Changing outfits, again!
Cartoon Character: Chip (n' Dale)
Something You Shout: Chauncey, would you be a dear and drive me to the club?

And now it is my turn to tag "Tadpole"...she is OH SO BEAUTIFUL, just like my momma! I tag you for the First Name thingy!


Tadpole said...

You have chocolate in your bathroom? I'll have to check ours out...!

I just caught up with all your posts - your mom and dad were certainly very beautiful and handsome! You got the best of both of them! And I think you should steal that bully stick from Jet, but don't tell him I said that.

I'm going to link you to my blog, if that's okay. That way I can keep track of you easily!

Poppy said...

Ha ha!!! Oh ChaChi, your "something you shout" answer is hilarious!