Friday, August 31, 2007


Chachi, I just was in my laundry room and sorting through the piles and I found a...well...let's say it looks like a tootsie roll...BUT IT ISN'T!!!

I am not happy and you are losing your computer blogging privileges, your roam of the house just got smaller (meaning the plywood door block is going back up), and you are NOT getting a new outfit for the upcoming party. You will just have to make due with your wardrobe choices. If you don't respect my clothes, I am certainly not buying you new clothes. Now go to your snuggly and think about THAT!



Tadpole said...

*GASP* Call the ASPCA!!! How can she DO that to you!!! That's gotta be some kind of abuse!!!

Poppy said...

ChaChi, are you sure there isn't some way you can blame this "tootsie roll incident" on Jet??


Amber said...

Poor Chachi Lu.. It happens to me too.. Give her a sad pity face

Simba said...

How does she know it was you? Could have been some evil doggie trying to get you into trouble. I'd demand a fair trial.

Simba x

Frasypoo said...

Whoa!!!No new clothes...personally I like being nakkid but my mommy let out a huge GASP!

2shibas said...

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? We think this whole thing is poop, no pun intended. Be strong!

Wiley & Fievel