Sunday, August 26, 2007


Last night I just wanted a little TV time and I thought I would sneak out and watch a bit of entertainment with Graham and Anna. Well, Babs thought we were up too late and asked us to go to bed. Graham said "Saturday Night Live" is really funny. I just wanted to stay up and see if it really was...Sometimes Babs is such a party pooper!

I looked over at Graham and Jet and they fell asleep on the couch. I wish Saturday Night Live was on earlier!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


Chelsea said...

I am allowed to watch late night television but, I never make it that long. I like my sleep.

You sure are cute.


tadpole said...

ChaChi Lu! You're a Crestie Mix?! How exciting! (There aren't many of us on DWB....) You sure are a CUTIE! I love your outfit with the jean skirt and green sweater - whew! :-)


Goofy said...

as late as mom could stay up for her late tv, I'll stay by her side.. Not to watch along with her, but just sleep on her lap..