Sunday, October 28, 2007

Momma took us to her Party!

Babs is 38 on Halloween and we had a family party on Saturday night...

Jet and I had another FUN FUN Saturday! First of all, Momma gave us baths and made us all fresh and clean for her party! We went to Grandma Karen's house for a birthday celebration for Babs. We carved pumpkins, ate Grandma's famous lasagna, and played with Bailey and Magoo. Here is a picture of us getting dressed up for the party. We should be getting more pictures from Bailey soon as he promised to send "Party Pics".

I think it is fun that Grandma Karen lets us sit at the dining room table with the Humans! It was a marvelous party!

~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne


2shibas said...

Happy Barkday, Babs! Are you 38 in dog years or human years? I'm 28 in dog years and I don't think you look a day over, like, 30 dog years TOPS.

Cha Chi and Jet: you guys are so lucky to eat at the table! Did you get some lasagna?

Wiley & fievel

Frasier said...

Happy Birthday Babs.Hope you had a great time and ate loads of cake(mommy is birthday cake obsessed)
Doggies:you need to adopt me,I have sucky relatives

MamaCarter said...

Woohoo happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox the insane toddler....and family. muah!