Saturday, October 6, 2007

Fun Fun Saturday!

Let me tell you about my Fun Fun Saturday Morning!

First of all, Mommy and Daddy took us to the store and got us PIGS EARS!!!! Yippee! It doesn't even matter that they were using them as a diversion so that they could go to the SPA and get a massage. Mommy said that getting a human massage is like getting your ears scratched and so I think they deserve a little relaxation. Anydoodle, they left us at home and made sure that we were entertained with chewing and all that fun stuff.

But that isn't the best part about this morning. I got this new super fashionable coat. It is pink and suede and has a furry inside. I am so delighted that I am even going to call Babs.."Mommy" today. I am tickled Pink with happiness. Daddy picked out this blue parka for Jet. It has furry cuffs and even a hood. He is so handsome! For you NON-CLOTHED dogs, Jet enjoyed it so much that he fell asleep in it the store! He was so relaxed and cozy. So you might want to try out clothes because Jet and I think they are delightful!

So we are prepared for the Minnesota Winter. Even though we are litter box trained, it will be good to get outside once and a while....even when it is chilly.

Oh, and Saturday is just starting. Mommy is home now and relaxed as EVER! I bet I get to take a nap with her soon......Goodie!

~ChaChi Lu Snow Bunny and Jet the Amazing Sled Dog


ilovepearly said...

Those are cute coats, I too can't wait for the cold weather and so I can bundle up my baby gal.

Bella said...

luv your outfits - they are just gorgeous