Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I"ve Been Tagged!!!

I've been tagged by smoochie kisses Asta, my fellow Cutie-Poo Manhattan Doggie friend. I believe I am supposed to tell you my biggest pet peeves! Why do they call them "pet" peeves?? Curious!

Since you asked, I am going to use my little Chihuahua voice and tell you what

What really makes me mad, By JET:

1.) When ChaChi makes me watch her eat before I can even get my face in the dog food.

2.) When ChaChi steals my chewies, flossies, or toys

3.) When ChaChi takes the super soft part of Babs' lap and leaves me on the side of her.

4.) When Babs thinks it is fun to plop me in the snow...YIKES!

5.) When ChaChi eats the treats before me and barks when I get a bite.

6.) When Chachi...wait a minute, I am starting to see a theme...

I have an idea:

My sister ChaChi is up for sale. I, Jet, have decided she is the cause of all my anxiety. ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne (and might I add *gag* what is up with that name???) is a constant show off, a bully with her voice, and she THINKS she is ALL THAT! I don't think Babs will care so much. I could use the money to send myself to Disney World. I have heard it is Pawsome!

~Jet (who is stealing computer time and has NOT checked this plan out with Babs)


2shibas said...


What is with these chicks bullying us and ruining our lives? I have an can throw Fievel in as an added bonus to your buyer. Make sure you tell them she's nice and plump and juicy - I'm sure shiba stew is all the rage somewhere! (ew!)

Can I come to Disneyworld?


Amber-Mae said...

Hehehe, is she really that bad? You should show her your place Jet. Don't her get away with it!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

I tried to sell they rabbits, the humans get really funny about that sort of thing. Do it quickly before they find out.

Simba xx

ilovepearly said...

So it's all about cha cha :P

Ferndoggle said...

I'll trade you Sherman for Cha Chi! How'd you like a big fat grouchy brother, Jet? He's the same color as you...


fig, tad's sister said...

Dude, if you want to send ChaChi over here, I'll come live with you.... ChaChi and Tadpole can ham it up all they want and we can play together when we feel like it. I don't steal food and I share laps and I'm just the most perfect dog in the world (besides YOU, I'm sure...).

Asta said...

Thanks fow doing the tag..but ummm, I didn't want you to get into twouble, and I think you might once Chachi and Babs wead this...if you need a wefuge, please come hewe
smoochie kisses